Dave Moulton Recherche Columbus Road Frame 62cm 57.5cmTT

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Recherche frameset from Dave Moulton's shop

He was commissioned to build frames for some bike shop owners. He estimates around 200 frames were built for the shop

Columbus SL tubing with SP chainstays and Columbus dropouts

English bottom bracket

126mm rear spacing

Chain hanger

Pump peg

Size 62cm. Serial number 201

57.5cm top tube

19cm head tube

62cm seat tube c-t

60.5cm seat tube c-c

"The Recherché was a private label frame, built for Kent and Kyle Radford, owners of a bike store in Rancho Bernardo, CA. (San Diego County.) They wanted a frame they could sell in their store and also market to other Southern California bicycle dealers.

They had a name for the product, Recherché, and a decal design. The frame was the exact same geometry as the Fuso, in fact one of the reasons I took on this project was because I could build the frames in with the Fusos.

I usually worked on batches of five frames minimum, all the same size. So I would build 3 Fuso frames and 2 Recherché for example. There were slight aesthetic differences in the two frames, like different seatstay caps and fork crown, and a different treatment was given to where the front and rear dropouts joined the tubes.

The Recherché frames were originally offered only in red, but later blue, yellow, black and white were added. The frames were a single color with a white decal panel on the seat and down tube. Some 200 were built, mostly in 1985 through 1987."

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